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about bruce jacobs

Audio Design and Marketing's specialty is designing exactly what you desire. At your service is a 35+ years of HIGH END AUDIO/VIDEO and CUSTOM AUTOMATION experience as an Audio Designer, Dealer, and National Sales Manager.

My life long passion for musical reproduction leads me to explore and understand every piece of equipment worldwide. As a designer, my unique ability to evaluate the durability and stability of the basic circuits allows me to match and optimize the performance of each piece of equipment within the system.

Clients worldwide have used my talents to create works of performing art: systems ranging from $5k to $1.5million.

My expertise covers Analogue/Phono (considered one of the best in the industry at turntable set up!), Digital, Video, Electrical Power, Acoustics, and Isolation. Knowing how and caring to apply the small details that complete a system are what creates "ultimate performance that impresses everyone".

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complete system design
assembly advice
cost range $250 to $2500
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I personally work with your dealer
Negotiations save you time and MONEY
Assured proper install; with highest performance possible
Costs 7% of system price
Client assumes travel costs
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Any equipment purchase over $5k
Free simple install and/or system inspection
Good anywhere in USA mainland
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Whole House and Home Theater customer
60% down upon acceptance of quote and scheduling
Contract for 40% of system price
I accept only one job this scale/month assuring highest quality of work
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