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Envision any level of Whole House, Home Theatre, or High End Audio System. Audio Design and Marketing can make any of these systems into Audio/Video perfection, a dream come true! At your request I integrate control for Data, HAV, Lighting, and Security for full automation. My services are tailored to allow you to use them as they fit your needs.

complete system design to follow
advice on putting your system together correctly
costs range $250 to $2500 depending on complexity and details needed to assure final assembly

I (Bruce Jacobs) personally work for you with your local Dealer
Negotiations save you the cost of shopping and obtain your best deal in price and time
I assure the system is installed properly, with the highest performance possible
Costs 7% of system price, usually less than the money I save you
Client is responsible for travel costs

Any equipment purchase over $5k
Receive a free simple install and/or system inspection personally by Bruce Jacobs
Good anywhere in the mainland USA

For the Whole House and Home Theater customer
Upon acceptance of quote and scheduling, 60% of system price due
Contract for 40% of system price
I accept only one job of this scale per month in order to assure the highest quality of work

Audio Design & Marketing's GRAPH QUESTIONNAIRE facilitates positive communications about your specific desires for your system. This is an outstanding system to help both of us understand your wishes with the greatest of detail available today. Click Here to receive graph questionnaire FREE OF CHARGE .
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